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Thailand makes the list of top Asian countries to live in. It’s the best country for retirees in Asia and 11th worldwide, making a house for sale in Phuket high on demand.

While her tropical sunshine, stunning beaches and luxury homes that come at affordable prices are a strong magnet for retirees, families, and foreigners looking to settle down… investors can’t resist Thailand’s strong and steady economic growth.

Land ownership requires Thailand citizenship but as a foreigner, you are free to invest in properties. While you will not own the land on which the building stands upon, you can always recoup your investment by renting or selling.

Foreigners and locals are scrambling for prime properties in Phuket. From commercial buildings to pool villas and condo units, everyone wants a piece of real estate. Here are some of the best in Phuket…

Villa and House for sale Phuket Thailand

Villa and House for sale Phuket Thailand

Kathu Villa and House for sale Phuket

There are several villa and house for sale in Phuket, Kathu. There are properties on sale next to the tropical hills and others touching the Patong beach. The prices vary, depending on the size and amenities available.

Top class villa or house for sale Phuket will include a private pool and a terrace with awesome views. Depending on the size of villa or house for sale Phuket there may have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

Luxury Villa and House for sale Phuket

Imagine a property covering a living area of over 400 sqm complemented by an unobstructed view of the sea. There is a luxury pool villa and house for sale in Phuket built along the beaches of Rawai with over 4 bedrooms tailored for pure comfort and matched with elegance. Get in touch with us for contact details of the verified sellers, price and for expert advice.

Luxury Villa and House for sale Phuket

Villa Bang Tao Laguna

Bang Tao is a sprawling open bay featuring properties along one of the longest beaches. Laguna, on the other hand, spans over 1,000 acres of lush parkland and the sandy beach. A short drive from Phuket International Airport and you can get different types of beachfront house for sale in Phuket in these prime areas.

The many villa and house for sale in Phuket are unique, complete with swimming pools and beautiful, scenic views. The villas in this area are in close proximity to Blue Tree water park. If this strikes a chord with you then in this area you might consider buying a house for sale in Phuket.

Beachfront Villa

Such properties are a tropical paradise away from the noise and with amazing view. The beachfront villa on sale are within touching distance of the beach. Standing outside the pool and house for sale Phuket provides an unending sea view complemented by the surrounding stunning tropical hills. You can always get in touch with us for verified sellers’ contact details and prices in THB.

Private Pool Villa

These are luxury pool villa and house for sale in Phuket range in size from one bedroom to seven bedroom villas. They come with a private pool outside the house for sale in Phuket. You can find them in different areas. The beauty of a pool villa is that each area comes with its own unique aesthetics. The house for sale Phuket found in the hills offers an exquisite tropical environment.

Luxury House for sale Phuket Kamala

If you are looking for a fusion of nature and modernity, these luxury homes are the deal. The strategic location of the house for sale Phuket in this area offers a panoramic view of the surroundings while those close to the beach have a perfect sea view. You can always reach out to us for the contact details of verified sellers within this area, price and for expert guidance.

Apartments, Condos and house for sale Phuket

Apartments, Condos and house for sale Phuket

Beach facing condos

If the idea of a beachfront house for sale in Phuket makes your heart skip a beat, the area of Laguna is a great choice. You’ll find condos overlooking the vast beautiful sea.

Whether you’re looking for a one bedroom condo or a three bedroom condo, you’ll find a good house for sale Phuket, Laguna, complete with an achingly beautiful view of the pool, beach and the sea.

If you were made for the beach life and live for scenic views, cool breeze and fresh air, this is the right property to buy.

Serene Condominiums

Designed with inspiration drawn from diamonds, these particular condos offer a blend of nature and modernity. The building hosting the condos overlooks the majestic sea offering a great sea view. The condo units have an infinity pool and terraces from where dwellers interact with the environment. There are one bedroom units to five bedroom available. Contact us to receive all informations for this condo.

Choeng Thale Penthouse

This is a house for sale in Phuket Cheong Thale covering a living space of 180 sqm with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It is spacious with a terrace overlooking the pool and the surrounding tropical environment. There are an additional two storage rooms and if you are fond of that then this is the perfect fit.

Get in touch with us for unmatched services whether you’re looking to sell a property, rent, or buy property.

Our Real Estate agency located in Phuket, Thailand is here to help you to find the best property. Send us your project and all the details such as your price in thb / budget ; the size in sqm ; how many bed that you need ; with a garden ; if you prefer something modern or more thai style etc. We will introduce you some properties to buy or rent such as a villa or condominium and apartment in Choeng Thale, Thalang, Layan, Kamala, Patong or any other area located on the island

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