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Guest House for Sale Kamala Phuket

If you have an interest or project in real estate investments and are torn between guest houses or condos in Phuket, a guest house for sale Kamala Phuket is a great option. Empire Estates has selected some of the best guest houses for sale in Kamala Phuket and also the rest of Thailand.

We settled on featuring the most beautiful guest house for sale in Kamala Phuket that offers comfort, luxury, spacious bedrooms, convenience, and great experiences especially for resorts near the ocean and a few mins from beaches.

If you are an investor, we offer you a good return on investment. The prices per sqm of these guest house for sale in Kamala Phuket are always going up.

West coast Kamala Guest House

West coast Kamala Guest House

This luxury property has a gym, and a restaurant. If you love the sea views or the beach, relax… it’s a short five minutes’ drive from the beach.

The ground floor has the restaurant with an open kitchen while the living area is on the first floor. It has two fully furnished bedrooms. The bedrooms have sliding windows that open up to spectacular views of the mountains.

The Thailand luxury guest house for sale Kamala Phuket boasts an open-air gym right outside the house next to the swimming pool.

If green adds some days to your life, we’re sure you’ll love the view of the well-kept beautiful garden right outside that perfectly complements the details of the property.

And, there’s a fresh air dining area within the garden outside the property. You’ll be dining in an area with the view of surrounding nature. Couple that with the tropical feel of Phuket and you have the perfect outdoors for you and your family. It’s quite homely for a Thailand resort close to the ocean and beach…

11 Room Guest House

This commercial business for sale in Kamala Phuket is only three minutes from the beach. It’s close to most facilities guests need and the ground floor features a restaurant and a big space where guests can prepare meals.

The 11 bedrooms in this commercial business for sale Kamala Phuket are all ensuite and are fully furnished with excellent furniture. From the bedrooms, the occupants have an excellent view of the mountains around the resort.

The bedroom balconies are spacious and almost extend to the view of the tropical vegetation around.

The guest house for sale Kamala Phuket is close to the ocean, most beaches, and Thailand’s tourist destinations, which guarantees views, a good turnover of clients looking to book for their time here.

This is a good investment. Contact us for more details on the sale of the Thailand property.

11 Room Guest House
Pool Resort and Guest House for sale Kamala Phuket

Pool Resort and Guest House for sale Kamala Phuket

This luxury property is located between Laem Singh beach and Patong beach. It’s luxurious and also one with nature.

The details in the architecture of the guest house for sale Kamala Phuket makes it look like it touches the thick tropical lush around its area while the view of the mountains from the inside gives you the feeling of living in a jungle from its apartment.

The commercial business for sale in Kamala Phuket has 14 bedrooms—all different sizes ranging from 32 sqm to 60 sqm ready to rent out. It can accommodate different types of guests within the property.

Each 32 sqm or 60 sqm bedroom of the guest house for sale Phuket has a balcony from which guests can enjoy the unmatched views of the details of the nature around.

This Phuket property has an outdoor swimming pool next to a very beautiful garden.

It also features an open-air dining area within the garden’s serene environment. Occupants can have meals from here or hang around in the tranquil tropical environment.

The price of the property is within the region of tbh 38 million (for now). Feel free to get in touch with us for more details on this and other villas near the sea.

Beach Hotel

This beach property has everything you can ask for in a guest house for sale Kamala Phuket. First is its great location, surrounded by some luxurious modern hotels—a few mins from the ocean and beach. Second, the property hosting the villas stands in a thick tropical lush almost touching the bedroom windows.

The Thai architecture-inspired guest house and hotel for sale in Kamala Phuket, blends in the thick tropical bushes around it. From inside the bedroom, you get the feel of living in the jungle. It’s refreshing.

This hotel and property covers an area of over 12000 sqm with multiple villas included. The villas have private pools overlooking the beautiful sea views, beach, scenic mountains, and the skyline.

Beautiful gardens stretch across the villa and property at large create a relaxed and luxurious environment.

The property boasts 165 bedrooms and around 200 bathrooms in all the villas.

The bedrooms of the guesthouse for sale Kamala Phuket have floor-to-ceiling windows that open up to spectacular sea views, beach views and mountain views from each villa.

Guests also get to enjoy the shared restaurant and a big swimming pool.

Guests can conveniently head to the beach and other major destinations from this guesthouse for sale Kamala Phuket and easily access the top class social amenities around. The properties around are ok to rent and share the parking as well.

It is almost impossible to go wrong with this luxury beach guest house for sale in Kamala Phuket next to the sea.

If you would love to buy the guest house for sale Kamala Phuket, get in touch with us for more details on this and other villas around the sea.

Contact us for commercial hotel or condo in Patong, Kathu or anywhere on the island. There are villas available in Patong, condos in Patong and land too. We take care of your project and search for your different properties to find the best villa with our real estate agency. All price are shown in THB on the website.
Beach Hotel
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