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Houses for Sale in Patong, Phuket

Whether you are looking for a place to call home in Thailand, or properties for real estate investment, you can’t go wrong with houses for sale in Patong beach Phuket. The lavish properties, tropical environment, views, business friendly environment and quality of life in this town is to die for.

The details vary, appealing to people’s different tastes and definitely different prices in thb. We hope you get the house or villa of your dreams.

To ease your search, here are some of the houses for sale Patong beach Phuket, Thailand.,/p>

Luxurious Villas

Luxurious Villas

There are many houses for sale in Patong beach Phuket, Thailand. They range in size from one bedroom villas to villas with more than seven bedrooms.

They are located in different parts of Patong and have different views, bay, features, with many details, making each property unique.

Atika Villa Phuket

This is among the most luxurious properties located in Phuket, Thailand. It has a living space of around 425 sqm, three bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The interior of such units are fully furnished with modern facilities and, with its minimalist interior design, you get more space in the rooms and unmatched beauty.

This villa has a big balcony. You get a perfect panoramic sea view and a spectacular view of the mountains and the hills.

There is a swimming pool outside such Phuket properties and a terrace on the rooftop (from where you can see the whole city and sea ). Interested in buying? Contact us!

Tritang Beach Villas beach Phuket

These Phuket properties are located on Tritrang, less than a kilometer from Patong. They are fully equipped four bedroom, five bathroom villas with great architecture and style. Each boasts a living space of 320 sqm and has a private pool.


The houses for sale at Patong beach Phuket, in Thailand have spacious bedrooms and a balcony for you to relax and enjoy the sea and tropical environment.


From these houses for sale in Patong beach Phuket, you also have a terrace area with great views.


If you love nature, the garden area outside these houses for sale at Patong beach Phuket will make your heart skip a beat thanks to the view. It complements the villa from outside, making it look like it’s been pulled out of a magical world.


If you buy the houses for sale in Patong beach Phuket, they could serve as a home or a real estate investment property.

Condos on Sale

Condos on Sale

If you are looking to buy houses for sale in Patong beach or in the bay at Phuket to live in or an apartment investment, look no further. We handpicked and compiled this list of some of the best houses for sale in Patong beach Phuket.

The Bliss Condos

These are one bedroom for sale at Patong beach Phuket. They are fully furnished and spacious, covering a space of around 50 sqm and three floors. This is not a house but a condo.

The interiors are stylish and beautifully designed. You have a partial view of the beautiful sea located less than a kilometer away.

The houses for sale Patong beach Phuket have a shared swimming pool and a health fitness center.

The strategic location of the houses for sale Patong beach Phuket allows easy access to the nearby shore—around 600 meters from the condo.

In the area, there are 96 houses for sale in Patong beach Phuket and we’ll be more than happy to share more properties details if this sounds like a good buy.

Luxury Penthouses on Sale

Luxury Penthouses on Sale

Andaman Suites

This property consists of a 1 bedroom condo for sale. The house condo covers a usable area of 38 sqm with an open living plan covering the sitting room, dining and kitchen. There is a swimming pool on the ground floor with a sun deck where you can relax and enjoy the scintillating views of Thailand’s tropical environment.

Luxury Beach Property on Sale

Just a few meters from the seashore are these four bedroom, five bathroom units covering 176 sqm. Simple architecture, striking beauty, stunning sea views.

The houses for sale at Patong beach Phuket sit a few meters from the shore. It comes with a big private pool and a spacious terrace overlooking the sea.

The property is up for sale on terms stipulated by Thailand Leasehold. Contact us if you are interested to buy. All shown price are in thb. We also offer land and property for rent for 1 year everywhere such as Kathu, Kalim and other areas. If you enquire about which project ; residence ; which land, villa or condo and apartment etc. could fit you, we will see how to save your time. You just need to share with us your search such as the size in sqm ; your price range in thb (thai bath); bed ; which project ; number of bathrooms ; which area on the island (example: Kalim, Kathu or all the island) ; if you prefer to buy in freehold ownership ; if you prefer a studio or luxury condominium ; You can contact us in Thai, French and English at any time. Our Real Estate agency is good at what we do for many years, please send us your details.

Luxury Beach Property on Sale

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