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Condos for sale in Patong Phuket

If you are looking to own a property in Thailand, Phuket, to search for some condos for sale, Patong is the best choice. The Phuket condos for sale in Patong are easy to find and own and most of them are located in places that allow easy access to most destinations, beaches, sea activities and social amenities and facilities. It is also interesting to buy a condo when we hold a foreign passport as we can have access to a freehold ownership.

Here are some of the best of Patong’s condos up for sale with their details.

Luxury Phuket condos for sale Patong

Luxury Phuket condos for sale Patong

If you want a comfortable and luxurious home in Thailand, consider these condos in Patong. They are among the most beautifully designed luxury and modern condos in Phuket…

Luxury Central Apartment

These are spacious 50 sqm two bedroom Phuket condos for sale in Patong that are fully furnished. The property has two bathrooms, in each of the bedrooms. The details of the interior design show class and modernity. The apartment hosting these Phuket condos for sale Patong has a big shared swimming pool, a fitness center and restaurants with an amazing view..

The residence is located 200 meters from Patong beach Thailand. You can also enjoy the picturesque view of the sea from your quiet, big balcony. If you like the beach and sea sunsets, you’ll fall in love with this property.The area is quite interesting and the condominium is nearby the beach.

Indochine 2- Bedroom Duplex Condo for Sale

Indochine 2- Bedroom Duplex Condo for Sale

This is a 178 sqm property in a project with 2 bedrooms Phuket condos for sale Patong overlooking the beautiful view on Patong bay in Thailand. Each bedroom has its own bathroom.

The floor to ceiling windows of the Phuket condos for sale Patong offer details of the stunning sea views while the seizable balcony is perfect for chilling outside and enjoying the cool of Phuket nights. The strategic location of the Phuket condos for sale ensures you have easy access to the beach and other nearby facilities. The Phuket condos for sale are available, we have contacts to the verified seller, the price and guess what? He is open to negotiations so place your THB bids.

Melville two bedroom Condo

This 90 sqm condominium with two big bedrooms is located on the main road to Kata Karon beach and bay. Easy access to the beach is not an issue here.

All the Phuket condos for sale in the complex share a big, ever clean swimming pool with a generous terrace to bask and socialize. And the details get better! Just next to the pool is a bar where you can order refreshments.

The interiors of the Phuket condos for sale in Patong are designed to maximize sunlight during the day with these wide, huge windows. The bedrooms are spacious and fully furnished to the intricate details. The air conditioning in the residence is perfect too. If you drool over sea views, we’re happy to report each of the Phuket condos has a big, beautiful balcony. Pour yourself a “mega pint” of wine and watch the sun go down in the sea horizon. The Phuket condos for sale in Patong (sale price in thb) is offered on a 30 year lease or freehold. Contact Empire Estates for more details on the price of the residence, sale and the details of other properties in Thailand.

Emerald Terrace Studio Condos

Emerald Terrace Studio Condos

The luxury 38 sqm studio condominiums properties in this seven storey apartment are classy and modern near Patong Bay. The design of the property features an open living room and a breakfast bar dining area.

These one bedroom units Phuket condos for sale in Patong are fully furnished and the glass doors allow sunlight and views. The rooms are spacious and each condo has a balcony that runs across the whole length of the condo. Spoil yourself with the cool tropical Thailand breeze and the sea views of the beautiful Patong Bay.

There’s a shared pool and a sun deck, if you enjoy good company. While it’s never crowded, you’ll meet a couple people to chat with.

Other shared facilities include a jacuzzi and a gym. The property also hosts restaurants and coffee shops, which is quite convenient if coffee is to you what fuel is to a car. The units in the residence are on sale so, get in touch with us for more details on the price and sale. You can also send us your criteria such as the number of bedroom and bed that you need ; your target budget in THB (thai bath); umber of baths ; if you are interested to buy a villa or other type ; the location, for example in Kathu ; Nai Harn etc. Most of seller come to us to find someone looking to buy, that allow us to be one of the best real agency on the island.

Deluxe large Apartments

These 70 sqm one bedroom Phuket condos for sale in Patong are spacious and comfortable. They are fully furnished with the most modern equipment, accessories and decor, we doubt you’ll want to replace any of it.

Each unit in the property similar in size (sqm) has excellent views of the lush green garden that surrounds the building while the rooftop has a tennis court and… more sea views!

There’s a pool outside the apartment that happens to be one the largest around and an amazing garden around from the condo. Couple that with the tropical views and feel of Phuket and you’ll love your time outdoors. But if you love the feel of sand under your feet and can’t resist the beach, you can always take that 10 minute walk to Patong beach.

These Phuket condos for sale in Patong bay are available to buy. We have the property’s verified seller’s contacts and we would love to give you more details to help you decide to settle in Thailand.

Our real estate agency is also working in different type of locations such as Karon, Kathu, Kamala, Nai Harn etc. Tell us which view you like and which kind of apartment, house ; condo ; resort or any other properties that you prefer. Also our price are shown only in thb. Our real estate agency has been operating for many years and we help you for an investment or to live in. Send us your details either to rent or to buy.
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