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Phuket Property Management

Phuket’s real estate industry is highly competitive and vibrant. Therefore, proper Phuket property management is crucial. It’s awash with top, well managed properties to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a property with stunning architecture, a cozy pool, strategic location; Surin, Thalang, Bang Tao, a favorable price term in THB, spacious bedrooms, there’s something for everyone.

Properties appreciate fast too, attracting real estate investors and making the industry competitive. To pick the best, you need expert knowledge of the market, a good understanding of what’s trending, and what to look out for.

That’s where Empire Estate comes in. Our job is to provide you unmatched Phuket property management.

Rental Phuket property management

Rental Phuket property management

Renting in Thailand can be tricky, but we are here to help you navigate that. Below are properties with different numbers of bedroom and details available for rental purposes. We are here to rent it!

Rental Condos

With so many rental condos in different estates to choose from, clients struggle to pick the best. That’s why we have an advisory Phuket property maintenance team that focuses on understanding individuals’ preferences, unique needs and dreams for what they want to own.

Whether you’re a digital nomad looking for a quiet condo with a good rate and great bedroom sea view or an adrenaline junkie who wants to stay in the tropical hills like Thalang where you can backpack or trek as often as you like, our property management team got you covered.

The condos have spacious bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, pools, and all the entertainment amenities you can wish for (and you can always customize to suit your needs even more).

We go out of our way through our Phuket company management team to ensure they are professionally cleaned. This includes the pool. Plus, they have an active guest support services team that ensures you are comfortable during your stay.

Book services with us… Take the stress out of finding the number #1 rated condos and focus on all the fun things you’d like to do and making the best memories.

Rental Villas Phuket property management

Rental Villas Phuket property management

Our Phuket property management team has access to the most sought-after rental and on sale villas to stay in during your holiday. If you’re on a solo trip, one bedroom villa will suffice but you can tag along family and friends and make a home out of a 5 bedroom villa. And, yes, some villas feature more bedrooms… in case you are planning a retreat or a group trip to Phuket.

There are good rate villas in Kamala, Thalang, Bang Rawai, and Surin, identified by our Phuket property management team and we match them to whatever you are looking for based on your preferences. The popular tropical hill environment and ocean view is crucial to us when selecting. We reckon it plays a big part in delivering that authentic Thailand experience our guests desire.

Only a few rental Airbnb meet the high standards of our property management team, because we insist on easy access to the beach, pool, social amenities and top quality services.

Phuket Property Management and Property Sale

A real estate is as good as its services and management. That’s why our Phuket luxury property management team strives for excellence. We try our best to strike a good balance between offering quality services to our clients and seeing to it that the properties we have listed remain in perfect condition after check.

Phuket Property Management and Property Sale

Villa Phuket property management

If you are looking to put your real estate in the safest hands and earn good THB sale returns, read on… Empire Estate’s Phuket property team has your back right with services from handling client negotiation, to coming up with optimal sale rates, pool cleaning, spacious bedrooms, maintaining the apartments and renting it to the best clients.

One of the main services offered as part of company is cleaning. This is done as regularly as possible. We don’t just aim for making the place habitable, we ensure guests find the villa hygienic and sparkling clean; this includes the pool.

Our Phuket property management team takes care of guests right from arrival to when they settle in the villa. We keep records of utility expenses incurred during the clients’ stay as well as sort out the incurring bills on behalf of the real estate owner.

The Phuket property management team also offers services by regularly files reports to keep the owner posted on the condition of their condo, villa or apartment.

Apartment/ Condo management

Apartment/ Condo management

As a buyer, a blind search for the perfect apartment or condo can be frustrating but we are up to that challenge. Our Phuket property management team is here to help you zero in on the best properties for sale, making your search less nerve wracking.

One of the key questions is: what do you want? Our Phuket property management team notes down all the details you have in mind and match them to what we have on our list. This significantly cuts down search time.

The Phuket property management unit also ensures you get to view before sale to ensure you get exactly what you want. We understand the need for discerning buyers. Is it as homely as you’d like it to be? Is it serene enough? Does it invoke the feelings you want in your apartments? How’s the surrounding? You can only know if you “feel it”…

Pricing Phuket property management

For the best outcome, our Phuket professional company department helps our clients put the best THB prices on properties on sale and factor in return on investment.

While prices vary in different locations, our Phuket property service has in-depth price knowledge of prime properties in all the prime areas including Bang Tao, Thalang, Surin, Kamala, and others.

We also appreciate the fact that Phuket house airbnb management presents unique circumstances. Our job is to ensure a smooth and successful buying process. We are open to deal with all currencies Dollars, THB Euros

For any question about our service,please contact us, it will be a pleasure to read you. We operate in Kamala, Kathu, Patong, Layan, Choeng Thale or any location on the island. We will find your tenants and do all the maintenance that your villa or condominium needs for the rentals. We are also here to have your residential or land sold if you need it. All our price are in THB and we speak French ; English and Thai.

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