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Elevate Your Investment: Seaview Condos in Patong, Phuket



  • Condo
  • Property Type
  • 1
  • Bedroom
  • 1
  • Bathroom
  • 40
  • Lot m²
  • Furnished
  • freehold
  • Tenure
  • Resale
  • Status


Prepare for an extraordinary revelation in Patong, Phuket, where the azure sea seamlessly intertwines with contemporary living. Your gateway to paradise awaits through our selection of studio condo units for sale, offering mesmerizing sea views. The possibilities are endless, whether you seek a personal haven or a strategic investment package – your moment to capture the exceptional has arrived.

Property Exploration:

4 units are for resale. 2 or the 3rd floor and 2 on the 4th floor. The 3rd floor studios have a price set at 7,5M THB and the 4th floors at 8M thb.

Envision awakening to the awe-inspiring panorama of the sea, right from the comforts of your snug studio condo. Resting within the heart of Patong, these exceptional units are more than mere homes; they present an oasis of serenity amidst the city’s hustle. A quartet of units stand ready, each gifting the same spellbinding sea view – a rare gem that embodies a promise of exceptional investment prospects.

Spanning an inviting expanse of 50,4 square meters, each unit is a testament to meticulous design, promising both space and comfort. A contemporary embodiment of living, these studio condos redefine urban tranquility, cocooning you in an atmosphere of modernity and ease.

Salient Attributes:

    • Foreigner Freehold Ownership:

Your pathway to paradise is secure, guaranteeing ownership serenity.

    • Panoramic Sea View:

Indulge in the ever-evolving seascape, an artful masterpiece perpetually in motion.

    • Complete Furnishing:

Step into your realm without delay; alluringly furnished and ready to embrace.

    • Communal Aquatic Haven:

Immerse in relaxation within the shared pool, a sanctuary of rejuvenation.

    • Culinary Domain:

A fully-equipped kitchen stands poised to cater to your culinary aspirations.

    • Private Balcony Retreat:

Unwind with your morning brew or bask in twilight’s charm on your personal balcony.


Ready for Embrace:

Each unit exudes an ambiance of refined comfort, harmoniously achieved through meticulous furnishing. Transitioning into your new abode is seamless – an immediate embrace of luxury and convenience awaits. A sea-view sanctuary yearning to envelop you within its welcoming confines.

Investment Odyssey:

These studio condos aren’t just abodes; they’re strategic investment avenues. Starting at 7,5 million THB per unit, the possibilities abound. Whether you opt for one or entertain the prospect of an exclusive investor’s package with all four units, this venture is an open gateway to a prosperous investment in a prime locale.

Claim Your Piece of Paradise:

The allure of tranquil sea vistas, contemporary comfort, and investment allure beckons with undeniable force. Seize this exclusive juncture to claim your portion of Patong’s allure. Extend your hand today to embark upon a journey through these studio condo units, materializing your dream of coastal dwelling. Your forthcoming chapters unfurl against the mesmerizing canvas of the expansive sea.


  • Property ID SD16082302
  • Price 7,500,000฿
  • Property Size 50,4 m²
  • Land Area 40 m²
  • Bedroom 1
  • Bathroom 1
  • Property Type Condo
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