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Is Phuket or Patong better?

Is East or West Phuket better?

Is East or West Phuket better?

The east coast has better views eventually because often the west coast views are just water (Andaman sea) where the east coast has islands and Kaban Panwa in the views. Phi Phi can get very crowded, especially anywhere near the ferry landing. Ko Lanta is much calmer and probably suits your style better.

Which beach is better in Phuket? Karon Noi Beach tucked away secretly between Karon and Patong, two very popular tourist destinations in Phuket. Karon Noi beach is easily described as one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. It is home to the wonderful Le Meridien Resort Phuket and is a relatively quiet beach.

Is East or West coast Phuket better?

While the beaches on the west coast of Phuket are the best, there are also some beautiful beaches located on the southeast coast of Phuket. Phuket beaches and the offshore Islands are one of the main reasons that many visitors return to Phuket year after year.

Which side of Phuket is better?

Safest areas in Phuket are the following: Mai Khao, Nai Yang, and Nai Thon away from the crowds, bars, and traffic are the delightful beach areas of Mai Khao, Nai Yang, and Nai Thon (see above).

Where is best in Phuket?

South of Kamala is Patong, the most popular tourist destination in Phuket. The homome to Thailand’s (and Asia’s) most famous party scene. Here you’ll find a good selection of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. It is the best choice for where to stay in Phuket for backpacker nightlife.

Can you swim in Phuket beaches?

Can you swim in Phuket beaches?

Remember that there are no lifeguards on Phuket’s beaches except Kata and Karon. Do not swim in the sea if there are red warning flags on the beach.

Are Phuket beaches clean? Located approximately 15 km north of Patong, the beach is clean and relatively uncrowded. It is about one kilometer long and offers peaceful charm, raw beauty, and calm, translucent water (perfect for swimming during high season). Enjoy water activities such as parasailing, jet skiing and snorkeling.

Where can you swim in Phuket?

The best beaches for swimming are Karon, Kata, Nai Harn, Hai Thon, Freedom and Banana beaches. The best beaches for snorkeling are Kata, Yanui, Freedom and Banana beaches. The best beaches for tranquility (few crowds) are Mai Khao, Khao Lak, Nai Harn, Nai Yang and Banana beaches.

Can you swim in Phuket in July?

Swimming in Phuket in July is ideal With water reaching a high of 87°F and an average of 86°F, getting in the water (and staying there!) feels great.

Can you swim in Patong beach in Phuket?

Yes, you can swim at Patong beach. It can get rough on some days but the beach has lifeguards. There is some part of the beach that swimming between red flag is not recommended. Amari has its own private beach, 2 sections and it is safe to swim in areas which are netted. Beach is less than 50 meters from hotel rooms in one part of the hotel.

Where is the party scene in Phuket?

Where is the party scene in Phuket?

One of the best nightlife spots in the country is Bangla Road, located in the beach resort town of Patong in Phuket Province. As one of the biggest attractions in Patong, Bangla Road is also sometimes known as Patong Walking Street.

Does Phuket have a good nightlife? Absolutely yes! But the first thing that comes to mind about this island is it’s amazing, colorful, vibrant and packed night life. The beach areas of Patong and Karon shine with the best nightlife options, which include sunset bars, disco, lounges, gay bars, cultural concerts and nightclubs in Phuket.

What is the best part of Phuket to stay?

The 10 Best Areas in Phuket for Tourists

  • Patong
  • Bang Tao
  • Kamala
  • Surin
  • Nai Harn
  • Chalong Bay and Rawai
  • Mai Khao, Nai Yang, and Nai Thon
  • Phuket Town

What happens on Bangla Road Phuket?

Phuket’s Bangla Road really comes alive after sunset, when the road is closed to traffic and becomes a 400-meter festival of neon lights, loud music and cheap beer.

What should I avoid in Phuket?

What should I avoid in Phuket?

7 Phuket Worries You Can Forget (And 3 Real Problems!)

  • Motorcycle rental if you are an inexperienced driver
  • Swimming in rough seas
  • Not being aware of common scams
  • Drinking ice cubes
  • Changing currencies
  • Not speaking the language
  • Worrying weather forecasts
  • Eating street food

What are the dangers in Phuket? Phuket is a fairly safe destination for female travelers who are unlikely to be harassed for how they dress, and have no major problems with violent street crime. The two biggest criminal threats to female tourists in Phuket are drink and scams.

Is it safe to walk at night in Phuket?

Walking down unlit streets and dark alleys is a definite no-no. You wouldn’t do that in your home country, so apply the same logic to Phuket. Don’t go to the beach alone at night. This is a good way to really put yourself in serious danger.

Is Bangla road safe?

Is Bangla road safe?

Soi Bangla is as safe as any tourist destination in the West.

Is it safe to travel to Patong? So, is Patong Beach safe? Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple or a family, Patong Beach is a relatively safe place to spend your vacation. There are reports of poaching, scams and incidents between locals and tourists, but it’s something that happens in any big city.

Is Bangla Road open now?

Nothing can prepare you for your first walk down Bangla Rd, but I recommend doing it at least once. The day and night versions of this street are like chalk and cheese! The day is mostly bargain shopping and tailors trying to convince you that you need a new suit. It is open to traffic during the day.

What is Bangla Road known for?

Bangla Road is now mostly known as Bangla Walking Street or even Thanon Bangla, and for many decades was the infamous heart of all Phuket nightlife. The battle for night supremacy rages every night between beer bars, live music bars, rooftop bars, nightclubs and, of course, those famous go-go bars!

What happens at Bangla Road Phuket?

Phuket’s Bangla Road really comes alive after sunset, when the road is closed to traffic and becomes a 400-meter festival of neon lights, loud music and cheap beer.

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