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Is Phuket Town the same as Old Phuket Town?

What is the rainy season in Phuket?

What is the rainy season in Phuket?

The rainy season starts in June and lasts until October. When people talk about the monsoon season, they mean the southwest monsoon period, which is the rainy season. Strong winds bring warm moist air from the Indian Ocean and plenty of rain. This is Phuket’s off season.

What is the driest month in Phuket? The driest month is March with 8 mm of precipitation and 29 perfect sunny days. The rainiest month is August with 183 mm of rain in 8 days.

Does it rain a lot in Phuket?

Rainy season Strong winds bring warm moist air from the Indian Ocean and plenty of rain. This is Phuket’s off season. The average rainfall in Phuket is around 2500 mm or around 100 inches and the vast majority falls during this period. It’s hot, humid and wet!

Does it rain in June in Phuket?

Phuket experiences 16 days of rain during June, with an average rainfall of 213 mm.

What is the best time of the year to go to Phuket?

The coldest season, and therefore the best time to visit Phuket, is between November and February. The temperature at that time varies from 23°C to 30°C and is drier with the passing of the monsoon. It’s a great time to lie back and relax on the beach and enjoy water sports.

What can you buy in Phuket Town?

What can you buy in Phuket Town?

What to buy in Phuket

  • Batiks
  • Thai-Silk
  • Phuket Pearls
  • Bags & Thai style sarongs
  • Handicrafts
  • Antiquities
  • Spa products
  • Soap flowers

Which side of Phuket has the best beaches?

Which side of Phuket has the best beaches?

The beaches concentrated around the southwest coast of Phuket (Patong, Karon, Kata) are the busiest, surrounded by beach bars, cafes and jet ski operators – buyer beware of the latter. For a more modest experience, head to the west coast honeys of Surin, Bangtao and Layan.

Which beach is good for swimming in Phuket? The best beaches for swimming are Karon, Kata, Nai Harn, Hai Thon, Freedom and Banana beaches. The best beaches for diving are Kata, Yanui, Freedom and Banana beaches. The best beaches for peace (less crowded) are Mai Khao, Khao Lak, Nai Harn, Nai Yang and Banana beaches.

Is East or West Phuket better?

The east coast has a better view probably because the views from the west coast are often just water (Andaman Sea), where the east coast has islands and Cape Panwa in view. Phi Phi can get quite crowded, especially near the ferry landing. Ko Lanta is much more relaxed and probably suits your style better.

Where is the clearest water in Phuket?

As one of the longest beaches on the island, Karon Beach seems to stretch endlessly along the blue Andaman on Phuket’s west coast. This white sandy beach is known for its clear water and stunning view of the sunset in the evening.

Which beach in Phuket is the nicest?

Freedom Beach. Freedom Beach is one of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches, blessed with incredibly soft white sand and swimming in clear blue waters. Surprisingly, it’s right next to the crowded Patong Beach, and despite being a little paradise, it’s relatively quiet.

Is it safe to walk alone in Phuket?

Is it safe to walk alone in Phuket?

Phuket is great for solo travelers: safe and friendly with a great variety of places to stay. It’s easy to meet people. Local operators run countless activities – from massage courses to traditional Thai cuisine and group trips to temples, forests and islands.

Is it safe to walk around Phuket? Phuket is a fairly safe destination for female travelers, who are unlikely to be harassed for the way they dress, and there are no significant problems with violent street crime. The two biggest criminal threats to tourists in Phuket are bootlegging and fraud.

Is it safe to walk at night in Phuket?

Walking through unlit streets and dark alleys is a definite no-no. You wouldn’t do that in your home country, so apply the same logic to Phuket. Don’t go to the beach alone at night. This is a good way to really put yourself in serious danger.

Is Phuket safe for female Travellers?

Thailand is generally very safe for women traveling alone, but you should always be aware of your surroundings.

How do you get around in Phuket Thailand?

How do you get around in Phuket Thailand?

The best way to get around Phuket is by tuk-tuk, although occasionally you may need to rely on another mode of travel, such as a taxi or rental car, if you want to travel outside the city you are on holiday in.

Is Phuket easy to get around? Getting around Phuket is relatively easy as the island has many private and public transport options. Most resort areas are small enough to walk around, and popular resorts and hotels are located near the beach, restaurants, and shopping areas.

How many days is enough for Phuket?

At least seven days. You will need at least 4 days to visit all the islands like Phi Phi Island, James Bond Island, Coral Islands and then a few days to recover from a big night out on Bangla Road if you are into that or two days to go, see the big Buddha and other activities on land.

How much do taxis cost in Phuket?

Taxis and Transportation. Expect to pay 100 to 200 baht for a shared minibus or up to 500 baht for a private taxi, depending on your destination. There are metered taxis right outside the airport terminal, as well as tourist areas like Patong and Phuket Town. The ticket price starts from 50 baht for the first 2 km and 8 baht for each subsequent km.

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