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What should I be careful of in Phuket?

The best time for a good beach holiday is from December to March. This is when you will get the least amount of rain and the most sunshine. In the month of November, which immediately follows the rainy season and before the peak season you will get to enjoy the best weather.

Is Thailand safe in 2022?

Is Thailand safe in 2022?

Overall, Thailand is a safe country for travelers Yes! In fact, Thailand is rated as the least dangerous country in Southeast Asia for travelers. There is social unrest and violent conflict in some parts of the country, but crime in tourist areas is rare.

What should I avoid in Thailand? What should I avoid doing in Thailand?

  • Do not drink the tap water
  • Do not gamble
  • Do not talk about the royal family
  • Do not touch people’s heads
  • Do not drink 
  • Do not raise your voice
  • Make sure to cover your shoulders and knees at the temples
  • Do not easily trust your driver

Is Thailand safe to visit now?

There is a threat of terrorism in Thailand. Although mostly outside the southern provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani, Songkhla and Yala, small bomb attacks have occurred in crowded areas. Other attacks are possible.

What month should you avoid Thailand?

The months of April to May are the hottest in the country, if you can’t handle extreme heat, a holiday here is best avoided. After July the monsoon begins, and the next three months are the wettest and least interesting to go to Thailand.

Is it safe to walk at night in Phuket?

Is it safe to walk at night in Phuket?

Walking on unlit streets and dark alleys is a no-no. You wouldn’t do this in your home country, so apply the same logic to Phuket. Don’t go to the beach alone at night. This is a good way to really put yourself in serious danger.

Is it safe to walk in Thailand at night? Is it safe to walk around Bangkok at night? Yes, it is.

Is it safe to walk in Phuket?

Thailand is a safe place for solo travelers, and so is Phuket. Locals recommend that anyone traveling alone should keep an eye on their drink. Phuket is a big drinking town, but be careful with alcohol.

How safe is Phuket for tourists?

How safe is Phuket for tourists?

Phuket is a safe place for female travelers, who may not be harassed for their clothing, and do not have significant issues with street violence. The two biggest crime risks for female tourists in Phuket are spiking and fraud.

Is Phuket 2022 safe? Is Phuket safe to visit now? Phuket is safe to visit now. Many tourists visit Thailand every year in peace, and the government would like to keep it that way. By 2032 they are aiming for more than 100 million tourists a year with around 40% staying in Phuket alone.

When should you not go to Phuket?

There are two ways to avoid the crowds in Phuket. If you happen to be visiting during the peak season, go early in the morning to your chosen destinations. Or simply visit in the low season from May to October, when the rain and humidity scare away most of Phuket’s population.

Is Phuket safe for female tourists?

Is Phuket safe for solo female travel? Yes, as there are many tourists here. For the only trip to Phuket, Patpong in Phuket is probably the liveliest place, but if you want a quieter place, choose Karon Beach, which is close to the hot spots at night.

Are there monkeys in Phuket?

Are there monkeys in Phuket?

Phuket has many species of monkeys but the most famous are the macaques. Visitors to Phuket are likely to encounter a monkey (or many) during their stay in Thailand. Be prepared they can be wild, especially if you are feeding them.

Can you see monkeys in Phuket? Monkey Hill is the highest point in Phuket, which makes it a great place for viewing, but we know that most people do not actually go here. As the name suggests, this place is full of macaques and other monkeys. Some of them may even interact with you.

Where do monkeys live in Thailand?

Most of the monkeys on the island are macaques and they can be found sporadically around the island. However, many are found along highways. They continue to move away from their natural habitat and closer to the roads because they are being fed by humans.

What wildlife can you see in Phuket?

In the weeks following the country’s lockdown, Thailand’s national park authorities have recorded many wildlife sightings, including leatherback sea turtles, dolphins, false killer whales, fin whales, blacktip sharks, hermit crabs and wild birds in tourist places we have never seen before or have seen them for more than ten years.

Can you see monkeys in Thailand?

Here is a list of the 7 best places to see monkeys in Thailand: Khao Yai National Park. Monkey Hill in Phuket Town. Khao Sam Muk in Chonburi.

Can you drink tap water Phuket?

Can you drink tap water Phuket?

Tap water in Phuket is not potable as it is often contaminated with bacteria, heavy metals, sewage, and industrial waste water. Drinking contaminated water can cause various diseases and even death. Solutions for cleaning dirty tap water include boiling or treating it with chlorine.

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